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Irish have energy for one final rugby push

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No.8 CJ Stander is confident Ireland can hit their Six Nations heights against Australia in Sydney.It has been a massive and sapping 12 months for Ireland’s top rugby players, but finding extra legs of energy won’t be an issue in the Test decider against Australia in Sydney.

A series-clinching win over the Wallabies on Saturday would cap off a spectacular season for Ireland, with the country currently enjoying top dog honours in the northern hemisphere.

Ireland supplied several players for the 2017 Lions tour of New Zealand and then won the 2018 Six Nations unbeaten, while Leinster added the PRO14 and Champions Cup to the nation’s trophy cabinet.

“The boys at Leinster had an unbelievable season, they won everything they touched,” Ireland No.8 CJ Stander said.

“From an international point of view coming from the grand slam, I think this will just top off our season.”

South African-born Stander, who started the first two Tests against the Wallabies, doubts fatigue will be a factor for Ireland.

“I think the energy gets picked up to the end because there’s one more to go, there’s a big opportunity,” he said.

“Playing-wise we’ve been well looked after as a few players had a few weeks off after the Six Nations and during the season with the clubs.

“Weeks like this the energy picks up. Everyone wants to play, everyone’s fit and we’re looking forward to the decider.”

Stander felt Ireland needed to take more of their chances to hit the levels they reached in their all-conquering Six Nations campaign.

“Performance-wise, we’re close to where we were during the Six Nations, but we’re not up there yet,” he said.

“I think there’s a few chances as (head coach) Joe (Schmidt) mentioned we leave on the pitch, lost balls, set pieces that we don’t get the ball we wanted.”

“So I think there’s a fair bit left in us to go out here and play the way we want to play as we did in the Six Nations earlier this year.”

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GWS seek to resettle after AFL bye

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Jacob Hopper (right) would have been happy for GWS not to have had a bye last weekend.Greater Western Sydney coach Leon Cameron admits there’s no way to avoid losing some rhythm because of the AFL bye.

The upside for Cameron is Brisbane, who the Giants tackle at the Gabba on Saturday, are also coming off their mid-season break.

Hawthorn defeated Adelaide last Saturday night, becoming the first team to win this year after a bye.

The week off provides players a chance to switch off mentally and refresh physically, but it arguably came at a particularly poor time for GWS given the expansion club’s momentum.

The Giants had snapped a four-match losing streak with a gutsy away win over Adelaide then thumped Gold Coast by a record 108 points, demonstrating exactly the sort of consistency that Cameron craved in May.

“The challenge is, like for every other club that has a bye, picking yourselves up after having a rest,” Cameron told reporters.

“Because you do lose a little bit of rhythm.

“It’s a huge challenge.

“Brisbane won their first game after the bye last year by 12 goals, so clearly they did it really really well – and we did it well last year.

“We can’t afford to have any mistakes. We sit outside the eight and we’ve got to continue to play some really good, hard footy to catch the frontrunners.”

Midfielder Jacob Hopper is among the GWS players who wish they didn’t have last weekend off.

Hopper’s career-best form has come after two injury-riddled seasons, during which he spent time on the sidelines because of heart surgery plus finger, back and ankle setbacks.

“I was probably keen to keep going. Being injured the last two years, it’s good to be playing some footy,” Hopper said.

“The sort of footy we are playing, we all kind of wanted to keep going.

“But it was our turn for the bye. It was a good opportunity to put the feet up, refresh and really plan for the second half of the season.”

The Giants, floated as premiership favourites by some pundits during the off-season after reaching preliminary finals in 2016 and 2017, are currently 10th on the ladder.

“We can’t just expect to play finals footy. It’s something we’re going to have to work really hard for,” Hopper said.

“We had a pretty disappointing month (in May) … hopefully we can keep getting better and better.”

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Blues rake can’t get Cooked by Maroons

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NSW’s Damien Cook (r) could expect some extra attention in Origin II after his impressive debut.This is one NSW State of Origin player that can’t get cooked by Queensland.

Blues hooker Damien Cook has welcomed any challenge from Queensland to take his speed out of the game by upping his defensive workload.

Cook was one of the NSW heroes in Melbourne after cutting the Maroons forwards to shreds with his blistering work at the ruck, including setting up the opening try for James Tedesco.

It was yet another confidence-booster in a breakout year for the South Sydney rake.

“I’ve been lucky to play 80 minutes a lot for South Sydney week-in, week-out, so I’m building confidence within the team and myself as well, being able to do that,” Cook told AAP.

“Obviously Origin is something I’ve never experienced before so it was a whole different mindset going into that game, but that experience will make me better for round two.”

But while he was soundly praised for his contributions in attack, the 26-year-old said he also took plenty of stock out of finishing the night with 53 tackles, missing none.

It was just 10 tackles shy of the record set by former NSW captain and Rabbitohs teammate Robbie Farah during his memorable performance in 2012.

Cook wouldn’t expect anything less than to be more of a target in game two, having been tested on a weekly basis at club level – and passing with flying colours.

“It’s just smart from other teams. If you’re playing South Sydney, are you going to run it at myself, or at Sam, Tom or George (Burgess)?” he said.

“The smarter option’s to run it into the smaller body. We know we get that traffic in the game, it’s just part of the game. We just try do our part in the game in attack, but hold our own in defence.”

He backed his improvement in fitness to withstand any fiery test from the Maroons.

“It’s something I’ve worked hard on in the pre-season and over the last few years, making sure my fitness is up there,” Cook said.

“Game fitness is a whole different thing, but this year I’ve been able to play week-in, week-out, 80 minutes at club level and I feel like I can do the 80 minutes fine.”

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Dreamworld staff to face coroner’s inquest

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Thunder River Rapids ride operator Peter Nemeth will continue giving evidence at the inquest.Dreamworld ride operators will provide their version of events regarding the October 2016 tragedy at the Gold Coast theme park to a Queensland inquest on Wednesday.

Main ride operator Peter Nemeth will continue giving evidence to the inquest into the deaths of Cindy Low, Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozi Araghi when the inquest resumes at Southport.

On Tuesday, Mr Nemeth told the inquest he’d noticed the raft carrying the guests on a collision course to a stricken raft following a water pump malfunction.

Despite pushing a button to stop the ride’s conveyor “two or three times”, the attraction did not immediately shut down and the two rafts collided.

The four victims were killed instantly after being thrown from the raft into the conveyor mechanism.

Ms Goodchild’s 12-year-old daughter and Ms Low’s 10-year-old son survived the accident.

Mr Nemeth, who said he was among the “top 10” operators in the theme park, was unaware the button he pressed did not bring the conveyor to an immediate halt.

Instead a police investigation revealed it took up to nine seconds for the ride to stop.

“I am surprised to learn that,” Mr Nemeth said.

“I assumed the conveyor stop button would stop the ride instantly.”

The ride’s water pump had failed twice already on the day of the tragedy and Mr Nemeth had been informed to shut down the ride if it happened again.

He said he did not know that was a park policy until that day and had been operating other rides in the past where up to six malfunctions had happened and the ride continued to take guests.

“It was a regular occurrence,” he said, adding he had been working on the Thunder River Rapids ride a week before the tragedy when the pump had failed.

The other ride operator at the time of the tragedy, Courtney Williams, is also expected to give evidence on Wednesday.

The inquest heard on Tuesday Ms Williams had only been trained on her role for the attraction on the morning of the tragedy.

The inquest resumes at 10am.

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Woolies bids farewell to thin plastic bags

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Woolworths has bid farewell to single-use plastic bags under a new ban across the retail giant’s stores

From today, shoppers must bring along re-usable bags or buy them at the retailer’s supermarkets, BWS, Metro and petrol outlets.

“This is a landmark day for us, not just as a business, but for our customers and communities, to help support a greener future for Australia,” chief executive Brad Banducci said on Wednesday.

Single-use plastic bags will no longer be given out at Woolworths stores. Photo: Tamara Voninski

“We are proud to say that from now on, single-use plastic bags are gone from our stores, for good.”

Mr Banducci acknowledged it could take shoppers a while to adjust to the ban.

“Putting ‘reusable bags’ at the top of your shopping list, keeping a couple in the car or leaving a post-it note on the fridge are some simple tricks that could work as a reminder,” he said.

READ MORE: Tips for adjusting to a plastic bag ban

Woolworths and Coles last July joined a push to rid Australia of disposable plastic bags and set a deadline of June 30, 2018 for their stores to stop offering them to shoppers.

Woolies, which has provided more than 3.2 billion plastic bags a year to shoppers, later brought forward that deadline to June 20.

Green groups have welcomed the bans being introduced by Coles and Woolworths.

Similar bans in Britain and Ireland have helped reduce plastic bag usage by up to 85 per cent.

Woolworths and Coles have also recently announced plans to slash the amount of plastic wrapping on fresh fruit and vegetables in response to demand from shoppers.

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Your home: Tips to staying safe around the home this winter

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Maintenance: Have a qualified person check your fireplace, combustion heater, flue and chimney at least once a year to ensure they work properly and safely.If you’ve rummaged through the back of the cupboard and pulled out products you used last winter, you need to check they are still safe to use.Product Safety Australia provided the following tips to stay safe this winter:

Hot water bottlesHot water bottles are manufactured from rubber or PVCand can deteriorate with age. Each year, 200 people in Australia are treated for serious burns from using hot water bottles.

Don’t overfill or use boiling water in your hot water bottle – use hot tap water.Once filled, avoid direct contact with your skin – use a fitted cover or wrap.Never leave on one body part for more than 20 minutes. Warming: Don’t overfill or use boiling water in your hot water bottle – use hot tap water – and avoid direct contact with your skin.

Electric blankets

Electric blanket should be rolled to store and at the start of winter check all the cords, elementsand fabric before use. Damaged or faulty electric blankets can cause an electric shock or fire hazard.

Don’t sleep with your electric blanket on – warm the bed and then turn it off.Never place heavy items on your bed when the electric blanket is on.Seek advice about using an electric blanket if you have diabetes or are pregnant.Wheat/Heat Packs

The organic fillings inside wheat packs can dry out and become more combustible with age.

Do not heat and place the wheat pack on or in bedding. Blankets trap the product’s heat and may cause it to ignite.Allow the wheat pack to cool completely each time before reheating.Smoke alarms

A working smoke alarm reduces your chance of dying in a house fire by half.

Test your smoke alarm is working every month.Replace your alarm battery every year and the alarmevery 10 years.Candles

Always ensure the wick ember of your candleis no longer glowing prior to leaving a room or before going to sleep.

Store matches and lightersout of reach of children, and never leave children alone with any open flame.Keep lit candles away from curtains, beddingand clothing.Heaters

Make sure there are no exposed wires or loose connections on your heater before winter.Only use one appliance per power point and switch off when not in use.

Never use a gas heater or BBQ made for outdoor use insideAlways supervise children and pets when heaters are on.Keep heaters aminimum of onemetre away from clothes, bedding and furniture.More details productsafety.gov419论坛

Your home: Staying cool with desert chic

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Custom touch: Forbes Artist Jess Dawes from Tassel and Heart creates custom wall hangings which fit perfectly with Desert Chic interiors. From the lofts of New Yorkto the shores of Byron Bay, one trend is standing out as a design powerhouse in 2018.

Desert Chic is a look that originates from the minimalist homes that grace the deserts of Southern California, or So-Cal as it’s known to locals.

Past influencesThe look honours the colours and crafts of the ancient Indian tribes that originally occupiedthe area.It also takes its influence from Mexican neighbours to the south.

The white walls, muted colours and hardy planting schemes suit ourAustralian lifestyle well.

The look has been adopted by many enthusiastic local Instagrammers as the epitome of style.

To achieve the look, the palette should be considered from inception.

Muted reds, oranges and greens feature heavily, while white is the background colour of choice.

Tribal patterns are featured in artwork, ceramics and used in large scale rugs which pull the whole look together.

The idea is to steer clear of too many knick-knacks and keep plenty of white, visible space.

To re-intepret this look for Australian living, use materials such as linen for window coverings and rattan or cane for furnishings.

Fill vases with Australian plants such as eucalyptus leaves, wattle and banksia.

Take it outsideHardy plants in varying shades of green such as succulents and cacti should be set against white or muted coloured walls.

Fill garden beds with matte rocks to add to the waterwise look.

Keep it simple and allowthe raw beauty of the plants to be the star of the show.

Garden on pointUse succulents and cacti against muted walls to create the sparse, practical look of desert style.

Eclectic accentsTry local craft and second-hand markets for decor in muted 70s colours or handmade items such as wall hangings and pot stands.

Online marketplaces are a great place to find pre-loved furniture in the refined, clean retro style that suits this look.

Easy to clean and easy to maintain, desert chic style not only looks good in Australian homes but also suits our relaxed, easy lifestyle.

Bring it home: Adding cane pieces such as these from Hello Trader on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland gives this style an Aussie twist.

Suburb Profile: Hamilton South

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CHARM: This classic Hamilton South home in Kemp Street is set for auction on Saturday with a guide of $1.15 million to $1.25 million.SUBURB SNAPSHOTOnce part of the Australian Agricultural Company’s coal bearing land, this suburb has not looked back since mining stopped in the early 1900s and planning began to make it “a prestigious estate”.

Well-known for itsCalifornianBungalows on big, leafy blocks and wide, tree-lined streets,Hamilton South’s popularity as a family suburb has been reflected in its continued market growth.

Median house prices are around the $1 million mark and anew suburb sale record of $2.625 million was set last year for an elegant period residence in Alexander Street.

A large portion of the suburb is classified as a garden suburb precinct and is heritage protected.

LIFESTYLEIt is within five minutes of Newcastle’s CBD, Beaumont Streetand Darby Street eateries, parksand beaches.

It is also close toMarketown Shopping Centre andThe Junction andwell-regarded Hamilton South Public School.

ASK THE EXPERT-Presented by First National Newcastle City’s George Rafty

Having grown up and still residing in Hamilton South, I can say first-hand how great the lifestyle is for all family memberswith so many conveniences of a true inner city suburb.

The real estate market in Hamilton South has had a great first half of 2018. Street and suburb records are consistently updatingdue to high demand for quality properties in the area. This demand is driven by the suburb’s proximity to quality schooling, shopping centres, and being only a short drive to the beaches and Newcastle CBD.

Buyers are keen to live in the conservation areaas many period houses have been renovated or improved to further beautify the area. Minimal multi-level or multiple unit complexes have been approved.

58% want Putin to serve past 2024: poll

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More than half of Russians want Vladimir Putin to stay after his term runs out in 2024, a poll showsMore than half of Russians want President Vladimir Putin to continue serving in the post after his current six-year term finishes in 2024, the country’s largest independent pollster revealed.

Putin was inaugurated to his fourth term as president this year. The constitution would have to be amended for him to keep the helm in 2024 because it would be the end of a second-consecutive term. Putin would be 71.

“There are no successors. People are viewing this pragmatically,” the pollster’s director, Lev Gudkov, said in comments carried by the Vedomosti newspaper.

The spectre of political change evokes a fear of instability, he said, and Putin is seen as “preserving the status quo.”

Fifty-one per cent of respondents to the nationwide poll, conducted last month, said they would prefer Putin to remain president, while only 27 per cent said they would prefer otherwise.

More than half of respondents have wanted Putin to remain president since 2014, when the indicator jumped from 33 per cent the previous year to 58 per cent, pollster Levada Centre said in a statement on its website.

Russia in 2014 annexed neighbouring Ukraine’s Crimea region and then supported a pro-Russian rebellion in Ukraine’s east, in response to Ukraine ousting its pro-Russian president.

Western powers have widely condemned Russia for those actions, and relations with Ukraine have plummeted to an all-time low. Patriotism surged in the face-off with the West.

“The effect of the Crimea mobilisation is ending,” Gudkov said, “but that was slowed down by the presidential campaign and a new inflation of support.”

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A ‘baby bundle’ from the government or maybe something a little more practical?

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Over the weekend, the NSW government announced it would give the parents of every new child born in NSW a loot bag worth $150, at a cost of $13.5 million each year.

The “baby bundles”, modelled on thebaby boxes given to new parents in Finland, will contain items such as breast pads, nappy rash cream, a few nappies and a change mat.

As someone who had a baby 10 weeks ago, here are just a few things I’d rather have than a few nappies, books and a sleeping bag.

Now, I love a showbag as much as the next guy, and parents getting their own instead of having to steal a chocolate or two from their kids’ Bertie Beetle bag while they’re not looking is a nice change.

Nappies, books and a sleeping bag? Well, ummm, no thanks. Photo: Shutterstock

But if the government really wants to give NSW women a push present, maybe they should think about what parents really need in those first few months of parenthood.

As someone who had a baby 10 weeks ago, here are just a few things I’d rather have than a few nappies, books and a sleeping bag.

I’d love enough funding for early childhood health centres so they can run groups for any parent with a new baby, not just first-time parents. We are just as isolated and bloody clueless as we were the first time, but I can no longer count on the support of people going through the same thing every Tuesday at 11am.

I’d love a counselling session for every new parent – mums and dads– in the first three months following birth. Postnatal depression and anxiety (PNDA) affects more than one in seven mums and about one in 10 dads.

A convenient session at your local early childhood health centre, without the fuss of a GP referral, would be an awesome early intervention for those of us who may experience PNDA.

And, let’s face it, there’s not a parent on the planet who wouldn’t benefit from a counselling session: when you’re sleep deprived and waist-deep in nappies, breastmilk and bottles, in addition to trying desperately to get your baby to read the baby book so she realises she’s supposed to feed, then play, then sleep (for more than 15 minutes at a time), you’re not okay.

Or how about a couple of hours with a mothercraft nurse? One who comes to your home and shows you strategies for feeding, settling and sleeping. They’re worth their weight in gold (I was ready to propose to the one I saw).

Or a couple of physio sessions for mum so she can get her pelvic floor back to a state where she won’t wee herself every time she laughs too hard or jumps on the trampoline with the kids?

Or vouchers for occasional care or babysitters so mum and dad might actually be able to leave their little cherub for a few hours and remember they’re people as well as parents?

These are just a few things I can think of while juggling a rambunctious two-year-old and a 10-week-old, after not sleeping more than a few hours at a time for months. With a full night’s sleep and a parliamentary salary, just imagine all the things you could think of to give new parents that would be a lot more useful than some flipping breast pads and hand sanitiser.

But, if your goal is to spend $150 on giving new parents something they don’t need, then make it a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Vintage, please. At least that way we can enjoy it.

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