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Choosing the right childcare option for your little one can be a daunting and overwhelming task. On top of understanding the difference between the types of care available – long day care, occasion care, preschool, family day care, nannies – there’s the ever-present feeling of guilt and fear for leaving your child in a strange place with unknown people. So how do you know if you’re making the right choice for your child?

To help you navigate this next step in your child’s life, The Little Unicorn ChildhoodCentres created a checklist to assess which childcare centre is right for you and your child:

Are the educators engaging in meaningful interactions with the children? If my child was interacting with these educators, would I be happy with how they engage in discussions and play based on what I observed?Have I heard the service’s name in the local community? This demonstrates strong relationships with local businesses and satisfaction with the education and care.Would the service’s orientation process allow my family to feel welcomed and secure?How did I feel about the atmosphere? How will my child respond to the “feel” of the learning environment?Did the educators discuss how they plan to guide the learning and development of my child? If so, do I feel like they will cater to the unique needs of my child?Does the centre promote inclusion? Do I feel that my family’s culture and values would be respected at this service?What condition were the educational resources in? Did they seem developmentally enriching?Would I be required to pack lunch for my child or are meals provided based on dietary requirements and the nutritional needs of the children?Did the fees for my child’s time at the service seem affordable? Did the service seem to be flexible with their payment plans to fit in with my family’s current situation?Choosing a childcare centre with educators who are committed to individual development and work to encourage emotional and intellectual growth can make a great difference in your child’s school-readiness. The Little Unicorn Childhood Centres saidtheir qualified staff put what is best for the children at the centre of everything they do.

The Little Unicorn Childhood Centers opened its first center in Newcastle more than 25 years ago, andoperates in Broadmeadow and Honeysuckle. Athird centre in Charlestown will open in early 2019.

Details: 梧桐夜网thelittleunicorn苏州美甲学校419论坛

Commitment: The centre said they put what is best for the children at the centre of everything they do.

Quality staff: The Little Unicorn said it recruits and retains high quality early childhood practitioners.

Care: The Little Unicorn started with the simple goal of providing quality care and educational programs for local children. Photos: Sarah Candlin

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