Plane hit by lightning on Tuesday as Hunter is drenched by wet and cold weatherPHOTOS

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Hunter drenched by a battering of wet and cold weather | PHOTOS TweetFacebook Wet weather in the HunterPictures: Max Mason-Hubers, Jonathan Carroll and Simone De Peak. APort Macquarie-bound Qantas planewas forced to return to Sydney after being struck by lightning on a day when the Hunter was battered by wet weather.

The plane was flying over the Central Coast on Tuesday morning when it washit on the nose by thestrike.

Qantassaid the return to Sydney at 10.30am was a precautionary measure and“at no point was the safety of the flight compromised”.

“Aircraft are designed to withstand and fly safely when struck by lightning but it is policy that they get inspected at their arrival port after a strike,” a Qantas statement said. “Port Macquarie does not have the engineering support required for this inspection so the flight returned to Sydney.”

The Hunter’s heaviest falls on Tuesday were recordedat Port Stephens and Newcastle, while areas of the Upper Hunteronly climbed into double-digit readings.

Nelson Bay gotthe most overnight rain witha regional high of 42mmin the 24-hour period to 9am on Tuesday.

Nobbys received 39mm from 9am to 4pm and Williamtown 28mm.

The Bay has had the most rain in the Hunter since the start of June. Before Tuesday, it had received 351mm in a wet start to winter.The closest readings had been Nobbys with 281mm and Swansea with 210mm.

Radar forecastswere showing the wet conditions moving over the Manning and Mid North Coast regions on Tuesday night, possibly leaving the Upper Hunter without any of the more significant downpours.

Scone stock agent Peter MacCallum said 7mmon Tuesday followed up just “one andthree millimetres” in the past couple of weeks.

“The further you gowest or north, the less,” he said. “You wouldn’t have to go too far up the road and there’d be none, I think.“That’s the frustrating part, we can see it [coastal rain] from up here but it never gets here.”

The Bureau of Meteorology says rainfall onthe Hunter Coastwillcontinue across Wendesday and possibly Thursday as a“complex low” over the Tasman Sea moves further east.

However, conditions along the NSW coast are expectedease on Wednesday as the low moves to the north.

A hazardous surf warning is in place on Wednesday for theHunter Coast.

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