Your home: Staying cool with desert chic

27/09/2019 Posted by admin

Custom touch: Forbes Artist Jess Dawes from Tassel and Heart creates custom wall hangings which fit perfectly with Desert Chic interiors. From the lofts of New Yorkto the shores of Byron Bay, one trend is standing out as a design powerhouse in 2018.

Desert Chic is a look that originates from the minimalist homes that grace the deserts of Southern California, or So-Cal as it’s known to locals.

Past influencesThe look honours the colours and crafts of the ancient Indian tribes that originally occupiedthe area.It also takes its influence from Mexican neighbours to the south.

The white walls, muted colours and hardy planting schemes suit ourAustralian lifestyle well.

The look has been adopted by many enthusiastic local Instagrammers as the epitome of style.

To achieve the look, the palette should be considered from inception.

Muted reds, oranges and greens feature heavily, while white is the background colour of choice.

Tribal patterns are featured in artwork, ceramics and used in large scale rugs which pull the whole look together.

The idea is to steer clear of too many knick-knacks and keep plenty of white, visible space.

To re-intepret this look for Australian living, use materials such as linen for window coverings and rattan or cane for furnishings.

Fill vases with Australian plants such as eucalyptus leaves, wattle and banksia.

Take it outsideHardy plants in varying shades of green such as succulents and cacti should be set against white or muted coloured walls.

Fill garden beds with matte rocks to add to the waterwise look.

Keep it simple and allowthe raw beauty of the plants to be the star of the show.

Garden on pointUse succulents and cacti against muted walls to create the sparse, practical look of desert style.

Eclectic accentsTry local craft and second-hand markets for decor in muted 70s colours or handmade items such as wall hangings and pot stands.

Online marketplaces are a great place to find pre-loved furniture in the refined, clean retro style that suits this look.

Easy to clean and easy to maintain, desert chic style not only looks good in Australian homes but also suits our relaxed, easy lifestyle.

Bring it home: Adding cane pieces such as these from Hello Trader on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland gives this style an Aussie twist.

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