Your home: Tips to staying safe around the home this winter

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Maintenance: Have a qualified person check your fireplace, combustion heater, flue and chimney at least once a year to ensure they work properly and safely.If you’ve rummaged through the back of the cupboard and pulled out products you used last winter, you need to check they are still safe to use.Product Safety Australia provided the following tips to stay safe this winter:

Hot water bottlesHot water bottles are manufactured from rubber or PVCand can deteriorate with age. Each year, 200 people in Australia are treated for serious burns from using hot water bottles.

Don’t overfill or use boiling water in your hot water bottle – use hot tap water.Once filled, avoid direct contact with your skin – use a fitted cover or wrap.Never leave on one body part for more than 20 minutes. Warming: Don’t overfill or use boiling water in your hot water bottle – use hot tap water – and avoid direct contact with your skin.

Electric blankets

Electric blanket should be rolled to store and at the start of winter check all the cords, elementsand fabric before use. Damaged or faulty electric blankets can cause an electric shock or fire hazard.

Don’t sleep with your electric blanket on – warm the bed and then turn it off.Never place heavy items on your bed when the electric blanket is on.Seek advice about using an electric blanket if you have diabetes or are pregnant.Wheat/Heat Packs

The organic fillings inside wheat packs can dry out and become more combustible with age.

Do not heat and place the wheat pack on or in bedding. Blankets trap the product’s heat and may cause it to ignite.Allow the wheat pack to cool completely each time before reheating.Smoke alarms

A working smoke alarm reduces your chance of dying in a house fire by half.

Test your smoke alarm is working every month.Replace your alarm battery every year and the alarmevery 10 years.Candles

Always ensure the wick ember of your candleis no longer glowing prior to leaving a room or before going to sleep.

Store matches and lightersout of reach of children, and never leave children alone with any open flame.Keep lit candles away from curtains, beddingand clothing.Heaters

Make sure there are no exposed wires or loose connections on your heater before winter.Only use one appliance per power point and switch off when not in use.

Never use a gas heater or BBQ made for outdoor use insideAlways supervise children and pets when heaters are on.Keep heaters aminimum of onemetre away from clothes, bedding and furniture.More details productsafety.gov419论坛

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